About Us: 

Hi! Our names are Olivia Madreperla and Henry Chandonnet, and we are both activists for the LGBTQ+ community, hailing from Summit, New Jersey. When starting this project, Henry and I sought to create the same sort of space for members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community on an even larger scale. Out of that idea, the Untold Story was born. This project is entirely focused on inhabitants of New Jersey and how living here has affected ones experience as an LGBTQ+ community member or ally. Using the wonderful world of technology, we seek to spread a message of inclusivity and empathy to all members of the New Jersey LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

My name is Henry Chandonnet, and I am currently a high school junior living in Summit, New Jersey. I, along with Olivia, serve on the executive board of my school's Gender Sexuality Alliance. I am also active in bringing LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity on my schools Equity and Inclusion Team. I myself am a political junkie, being prominent on my school's Model United Nations and Mock Trial Team. Through my work on "The Untold Story", I hope to bring further inclusivity and recognition to the state. I also hope to work for further recognition of intersectionality in identities. 

My name is Olivia Madreperla and live in Summit, New Jersey. I have always found myself drawn social advocacy, and I have used the outlets my community has provided for me to integrate myself into the LGBTQ+ advocates community. My school's GSA has been an integral part of my high school experience. An equally important part of my high school experience if my affinity for history and humanities classes. However, in those classes that I loved so much, I began to realize that LGBTQ+ history was entirely missing from the pages from my text books. Both Henry and I were hurt but not surprised by the lack of representation. So, in protest, we have created this oral history project to further educate ourselves and to educate those who also find the lack of representation in history to be disturbing. 

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